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The Tayco Team is One in a Melon!

Ah, watermelon! The most beloved summertime snack. Almost everyone loves to cool off with a piece of delicious fresh watermelon after a long shift, but have you ever tried competing to see how many you actually can eat? The Tayco Team sure has!

Last Thursday, everyone joined in for 15 minutes during four timeslots to either compete against or cheer on their colleagues. Participants had 60-seconds to eat as much as they could. The catch? The watermelons were divided into quarters which made them much harder to eat and provided ample entertainment for those watching from the sidelines. Our four winners are:

  1. Competition One: Greg Palmer
  2. Competition Two: Carlos Cordero
  3. Competition Three: Ricky Naccarato
  4. Competition Four: Nishanth Devaraj

We look forward to seeing our four winners in a face-off at the employee BBQ in September!

We feel strongly that a short break combined with a fun activity helps to boost morale, engage Team Members and even increase productivity. We want all Team Members to enjoy coming to work and to be able to look forward to the many enjoyable experiences ahead.