Tayco prides itself in creating new innovative product and updating
current product lines. Tayco will make good faith effort to continue
to supply comparable, compatible products to those that we have
previously produced, for the original customer only. This will allow
Tayco customers to maintain the integrity of the product’s aesthetics
and functionality.

With respect to products that Tayco manufactures (i.e. panels,
connectors, worksurfaces, tiles supports, framing etc.), Tayco will
continue to make comparable items available as per customer’s
request. Note that if a product component changes, Tayco will
update to the new standard unless a customer wishes to continue
with the previous version.

With respect to accessory items (i.e. keyboards, lights), fabrics,
laminates and others components, that Tayco purchases within the
marketplace, Tayco will continue to provide them provided they are
available to Tayco from the marketplace. If for any reason, a
particular accessory, fabric, laminate or other component is no
longer available from the marketplace, Tayco will source to find
comparable components.

In all cases, if the customer would like the original product rather
than the now used comparable product and it is still possible to
manufacture or purchase in the marketplace, it will be ordered and
charged at Tayco’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.
Please note that this form overrides any previous non-obsolescence
policies. Specifically stating that items ordered before and after July
2016 must adhere to the current policy.