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When was the last time you took a break?

Every once in a while, it is important to step away from our computer screens, our deadlines and our massive projects and take the time to appreciate accomplishments.  Last Thursday, the Tayco team did just that! We set our out-of-office messages, hopped on a coach bus and headed straight to The Apple Orchard in Hamilton, Ontario.

Taking the afternoon to relax as a team allows us to take our minds off our busy schedules, encouraging everyone to come back to work restored, refreshed, motivated, and with a better understanding of his or her workmates.

From the moment we arrived at the orchard, the friendly staff greeted us with smiles assuring everyone that the day was going to be one to remember.  Just walking into the orchard, we could feel our stress fading away.  The atmosphere was striking:  clear-blue sky, fresh air and a vast array of abundant apple trees that went on as far as the eye could see.

The Tayco team picked apples and pears, relaxed on Muskoka chairs, grilled hotdogs over a fire and boiled fresh corn. We spent time relaxing and partaking in the many activities at our own pace, without any agenda. We challenged each other to find a way out of the winding corn maze.  We toured the orchard on tractor rides and some of us (including me!) played on the hay bales. Being out of the city allowed us to slow down and enjoy our time together as friends.

Hosting these occasional activities during work hours does the opposite of hindering productivity. In fact, it encourages it. The much-needed break from being inside the office walls and a structured environment gets employees thinking outside the box allowing them to return to work with a much clearer mind, stronger bonds, a greater appreciation for their company and feel rewarded for the work they do.

This was one of the most successful Tayco team events yet, and we can’t wait for the next afternoon excursion. After all, the team that picks together, sticks together!

– Emily Boland, Marketing and Communication Specialist