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Hi Everyone, I’m Theresa Lynch and I am excited to be taking on the role of Customer Experience Supervisor at Tayco.

Some of you may already know me as I have had the pleasure of working in the Space planning department, working with dealers across Canada and the US, over the past four years. I started my career at Tayco as a co-op student while finishing my diploma in Interior Design. After graduating I knew that Tayco was where I wanted my future to be.

Working on the space planning team has provided me with ample product knowledge and the ability to cultivate long-standing Customer relationships, skills which I will utilize in my new role. As the Customer Experience Supervisor, I plan to enhance the Customer to Manufacturer relationship through refining and optimizing the order process. I hope to lead my team in creating a curated Customer experience.

Tayco is an incredible company to work for and I am excited to be a part of this modern office furniture manufacturer.