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A Canadian regional airline joined forces with Tayco Dealer Transitions, to develop a modern and sleek office space. This large project is comprised of 52 Cosmo workstations, 16 UP workstations and several private offices furnished in Metro Collaborate.

The new location offers an open concept office space with high ceilings and large surrounding windows allowing bright natural light to illuminate the interior space. Taking advantage of the location’s atmospheric quality a clean and neutral color scheme was chosen for a maximum light reflection in the space. Amplifying this effect, low panel Cosmo stations outfitted with top mounted frosted glass were installed allowing natural light to flow through while providing the right amount of privacy.

The 52 Cosmo stations were designed as “L” stations and arranged in “U” group formations, to provide ample storage space and the right amount communal environment. All Cosmo stations were finished in Summer Drops worksurfaces and gables which seamlessly blended with Gypsum Glint panel fabric and white panel trim. Adding a visual interest and subtle contrast, Caspian fabric was used on the seat cushions and storage cabinets were finished in Southwester.

Maintaining the modern and elegant look throughout, the private offices were furnished in Metro Collaborate and finished in Southwester and Summer Drops worksurfaces.

Lastly, a need for a small footprint in an open portion of the office made UP, Tayco’s flexible post and beam solution the perfect fit. Height Adjustable Tables accompanied the UP workstations for ultimate functionality.

This case study showcases Tayco’s different product lines blending seamlessly together to achieve an elegant and functional environment.