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Tayco dealer Transitions Office Solutions was tasked with furnishing a new office space for an industrial equipment distributor. For a clean, modern office furniture design, they filled the open office with Tayco’s Scene, Metro and Cosmo lines.

The chosen fabrics and finishes of Silvermoon worksurfaces and Tobey Abstract panel fabric, flow seamlessly from configuration to configuration. Millennium Sapphire seating fabric, used on both mobile pedestal cushions and Tayco’s J1 office chair affords a bright pop of colour.

The 57 stations were designed with a combination of U groups, and L stations provide visual interest and ample storage options to fit best with each staff department. Panel mounted glass adds extra privacy to each station while allowing plenty of natural light to flow through the open space.

The new office space, completed with a variety of configurations were chosen to best meet the needs of each department. They are now well positioned to succeed with an efficient and pleasant office environment.