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The Challenge

Tayco’s Dealer, Focus Work Furniture has embarked on creating a new office space in Oklahoma City for Lochner Engineering. They are a successful construction and engineering company seeking for a furniture solution to accommodate their growing Team.

The Client sought to design three separate collaborative workstations, two conference rooms, one boardroom and a meeting area. Some offices had large windows showcasing beautiful views of the downtown area, so for the areas that did not, it was important to mimic that light-airy feel with the colour pallet.

The Solution

This project had a large focus on functionality. The Client wanted areas that were private yet collaborative, and a notable example of this was achieved in the dual workspace room. This area consisted of two Switch workstations with Volley Height Adjustable Tables, Mobile Pedestals, a Halifax Gallery Wall, and the Squircle Halifax Meeting Table.  Lochner Engineering integrated these crucial elements to develop a collaborative environment that also ensures privacy when needed.The inviting yet private space was carefully curated using a blend of Moonlight laminate and vinyl adorned with intricate black and champagne metal details, resulting in a seamless and sophisticated aesthetic.

An additional presentation of collaborative spaces was demonstrated in the pop-up meeting areas with the use of the Kip Table. The table features matching Moonlight vinyl and laminate finish, accented by Champagne metal for enhanced design and depth. This seamless integration aligns perfectly with the office colour palette. Additionally, side mount USB plug-ins were added for employees to be able to charge their devices while eating lunch. This was a seamless display of how to include one extra shared space while keeping within their conscientious budget.

Finally, the growing Aviation area was well designed with all 8 Switch workstations featuring functional storage. The Switch line proved to be an excellent selection, especially when paired with its ample storage options and curved height adjustable tables. The inclusion of a mobile pedestal with a cushion and a panel-mounted whiteboard and tackboard provided the Aviation Team with the resources of a boardroom, while also enabling them to work independently as needed. Additionally, the inclusion of a mobile pedestal with cushion provides extra seating and facilitates impromptu meetings.

The Result

The implementation of the Focus Work Furniture solution at Lochner Engineering was integral to their improved office space. After the installation of Tayco furniture, the Client feedback was positive regarding the organization, creative thinking, and overall product quality.

The attention to detail and focus on functionality and collaboration did not go unnoticed and will be the reason why they will continue to be loyal Customers.