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Scorpion Case Study


The Challenge

Large, open concept headquarters of Scorpion drastically evolved from an underutilized, wide open space to a modern looking, efficient office. The empty space offered potential, with long-running windows, crisp white walls and a few eye-catching navy blue accent walls. But the potential required a modern design touch to transform the headquarters into an effective work space.  A configuration of Tayco’s Cosmo line was chosen for its adaptable office panel system that could transform a large, open space.

The Solution

The Cosmo systems were installed with 120 degree configurations, allowing for plentiful infusion of natural light and easy collaboration at each worker’s desk. The panels, selected in a bright blue, offer privacy while still providing the open, modern feel that is desired in many of today’s work spaces. Each station was given an upbeat feel with white gable legs, panel trim and accessory rails. Workstations were also fitted with a mobile pedestal with a blue seat cushion to match the panel colouring. Finally, power access was dropped down from the ceiling through the Concourse power poles, to ensure all work stations were outfitted with electricity.

The Result

Overall, Cosmo’s adaptable panel system created a stunning open environment, while still maintaining elements of privacy. The abundance of natural light and unique design allowing privacy yet encouraging an easy interaction, has created an enjoyable and productive environment with a flair that says ‘this is a great place to work.’