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The Challenge

Transitions, Tayco’s Dealer, has embarked on creating a new office space in Toronto for ESC Corporate Services, a leading provider of technology for Customer authentication, collateral management, and corporate legal solutions.

ESC sought a furniture solution to maximize occupancy while maintaining a simplistic and ergonomic design. The client aimed to fit as many employees as possible within the available space, ensuring each workstation was comfortable and efficient. The design includes 49 Switch workstations, and one directors office. Emphasis was placed on a clean, minimalist aesthetic to enhance the workspace’s functionality and ergonomics, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment for ESC’s growing Team.

The Solution

This project had a large focus on functionality and space maximization. The Client wanted to fit as many workstations as possible without compromising on comfort and efficiency. This was accomplished by incorporating Switch workstations in Summer Drops melamine/vinyl, which allowed for an optimized layout to accommodate a higher number of employees.

To achieve a simplistic and clutter-free workspace, there were a few key features that ere used to helped with this. With the use of electrical grommets, ensuring workspaces remained clean and wire-free. The addition of Kubo Personal Towers helped keep desks clear of personal belongings, maintaining an organized and efficient work environment. This focus on simplicity ensured that each employee had a tidy and functional workspace. This was also showcased in the Director’s Halifax private office by adding a wardrobe and hutch for extra storage so that the A-leg desk could appear clean and clutter free.

Lastly, the project placed a significant emphasis on ergonomics. Tayco J1 chairs were selected for their ergonomic design, providing optimal support and comfort for employees. Additionally, Volley Height Adjustable Tables were incorporated, allowing employees to adjust their workstations to their preferred height to refrain strain on neck and lower back. This combination of ergonomic furniture ensured that the workspace was not only functional but also supported the well-being and productivity of ESC Corporate Services’ Team.


The collaboration between Transitions and Tayco was essential in creating the dream office for ESC Corporate Services. After the installation, the Client feedback was positive regarding the space maximization, simplicity, and ergonomic design.

The attention to detail and focus on functionality, organization, and employee well-being did not go unnoticed and will be the reason why they will continue to be loyal Customers.