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The Challenge:

Pinnacle Wealth, a dynamic financial services firm, were relocating to a newly renovated office space. Their primary objective was to establish a contemporary and professional identity for their workspace while standing out in the market with distinctive office furniture.

Their previous office layout featured an open design in the central area and their primary challenge for their new office revolved around converting the existing open office layout into a more functional and private workspace while aligning with the modern and unique aesthetic.

The Solution:

To address the challenges faced by Pinnacle Wealth, Tayco Dealer Main Street Office Furniture presented a comprehensive solution that incorporated Tayco furniture. In response to the Client’s preference for distinctive office furnishings, Main Street Office Furniture recommended the Tayco Cosmo line, known for its contemporary design and customizable features.

The specific furniture selections comprised Cosmo workstations, featuring metal accents in Black (P114) and acoustical tiles upholstered in Zebra – Tempest F1113 fabric. Southwestern (L158/V158) laminate and matching vinyl were chosen to align with the desired aesthetic. Additionally, a Cantilever arm supports in Black and Gable supports in Southwestern were incorporated to ensure stability and functionality. The inclusion of sliding doors in acrylic not only enhanced privacy but also contributed to the modern aesthetic.

Furthermore, two 66”W x 24”L Open Storage Towers in Moonlight (L164) laminate, along with matching Vinyl (V164) and black horizon handles, were added to provide extra storage capacity.

The Result:

The implementation of Main Street Office Furniture’s solution had a significant impact on Pinnacle Wealth’s office space. After the installation of the Tayco furniture and the reconfiguration of the office layout, the Client’s feedback was highly favourable, with praise for the design, appearance, and functionality of the furniture.

The project, though relatively small in scale, successfully transformed the office into a modern and private workspace. The combination of modern design, functionality, and the creation of private Cosmo offices gave Pinnacle Wealth the professional image and unique workspace they had envisioned.