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Hotspex Inc. Case Study


The Challenge

Increasingly, companies are switching from high panel offices to open concept spaces, promoting collaboration and allowing for natural light to spread through the workplace. Hotspex Inc. was looking to do just that and after teaming up with Toronto Office Furniture Inc. and assessing a variety of options, decided to install Scene. Tayco’s Scene office benching system is a great alternative to traditional panels, as it provides an open concept feel while still providing privacy and storage options.

The Solution

Hotspex Inc.’s headquarters has extraordinary features including large, two-story exterior windows, access to a roof-top patio and a stunning, spiral staircase that leads to the floor below. Adding Scene office furniture further elevated the space through its design features including picture frame gable legs and flag storage.

Tayco and Tayco authorized dealer Toronto Office Furniture Inc. outfitted Hotspex Inc. with 42 stations, with a design flair showcasing alternating flag storage, credenzas and mobile pedestals to provide visual interest and add multiple storage options to suit various departments. All laminates were done in stunning Tuxedo with a contrasting white trim, while frosted dividers were used to provide additional privacy.

The Result

Scene can work for every space and every need to provide an open feel without loosing privacy or storage. Its sleek modern design elevates and compliments the modern workforce.