Halifax Private Office

High Design, High Functionality

Designed for functionality, this new private office collection is highly customizable to the user with dynamic configurations for tables, legs, storage and cabinets, as well as the opportunity to add personality with metal components available in 20 different colours.

Halifax reimagines casegoods. Every element has been well considered to ensure optimal functionality and comfort, allowing us to evolve from the constraints of traditional casegoods to create a lighter feel and unique design you truly want to be part of the office, wherever that may be.


Style & Productivity In The Open Plan Workspace

Scene is a benching and private office furniture system designed for the modern work community. Height adjustable worksurfaces and unique storage applications are among the many features that align Scene with the needs of today’s dynamic work environments.

Scene looks the part too, with a range of features, from open frame gables to kickstand support legs, characterized by an envy-inducing minimal design aesthetic confident enough to call anywhere home. Flag storage provides an elegant solution to lateral privacy in benching. Height adjustable worksurfaces, pop-up power grommets and privacy screens with secondary organizational features transform ‘a workspace’ into ‘my workspace’.

It fits the worker, not the other way around.


Designed For Business

A statement system that combines classic design with modern functionality addressing the needs of today’s work space. Metro anticipates work requirements and provides contemporary solutions without sacrificing design. From conference room to workstations Metro is both elegant and accessible. Whether it be a board meeting or an on the fly brainstorm, Metro is designed to accommodate all the needs of your organization.

This is where business happens.