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Treefrog Case Study


The Challenge

Treefrog Inc. in Newmarket, Ontario wanted to ensure that their space was as safe as possible when employees returned to the workplace. The forward-thinking marketing agency turned to Tayco’s trendsetting Shield Collection for a complete lineup of shields suitable for every configuration imaginable.

The Solution

The project included 16 Frosted Acrylic Scene Shields and five Freestanding Shields to ensure all bases were safely covered. Tayco’s Scene Shield solution was used to retrofit Tayco Height Adjustable Tables into safer workspaces that provided additional coverage without sacrificing on functionality or design. A combination of Frosted Acrylic and White metal resulted in a shield solution that is as stylish as it is protective.

For areas that needed additional side coverage, Freestanding Shields were placed between workspaces to allow Team members to safely re-occupy several previously unusable stations. By selecting these shields to be finished completely in White, they fit with the rest of the existing design aesthetic and divide desks without breaking up the office style.

The Result

“Tayco really worked hard with us to identify what we should and shouldn’t replace. They helped us work with individual pieces, have a better layout for our team, made sure that everything worked together meaningfully, and matched everything perfectly to our previous furniture”, stated Treefrog Inc. CEO Sean Stephens, “They’ve thought through how people are going to sit at desks, how people are going to engage with one another”.

Tayco CEO Kevin Phillips expressed his joy over the completion of this project, saying that it was “a pleasure working with forward thinking organizations that put their people first and wanted to make sure they did all they can to keep their employees as safe as possible”.