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Northern Genesis Acquisition Group Case Study


The Challenge

Tayco Dealer, Beattie’s Office Furniture, was tasked with a full renovation of Northern Genesis Acquisition Group’s office. The goal was to fully outfit the space with highly designed and highly functional furniture.

The Solution

The Team chose Tayco’s Cosmo panel system which complements the building’s notable architectural elements. Northern Genesis wanted to highlight the black framed glass walls and a spectacular two-story wall of windows providing a magnificent view of the harbour.

Cosmo panels were chosen at 45”H with 8”H frosted tempered glass to offer clear sightlines of the view and increase collaboration.  To complement the already sleek aesthetic of the existing black frame glass walls, black was chosen for all metal finishes, including panel trim. To provide contrast, worksurfaces were installed in Summer Drops and Silver Moon laminates, with the addition of Metallation Stove Pipe Fabric.

For formal meetings, an eight-foot-long Norris boardroom in Megantic laminate was installed in the conference room. To encourage additional collaboration and a space for touch down meetings a matching Kip collaborative table, also in Megantic laminate was chosen.

The Result

Tayco and Beattie’s Office Furniture worked together to provide a tailored and sophisticated aesthetic with the flexibility Northern Genesis Acquisition Group needed. Their stunning view was complemented by creating a high-design and highly-functional collaborative workspace. They were extremely delighted with the final result.