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ITA International Case Study


The Challenge

Tayco Dealer Total Business Solutions, Inc. was tasked with designing a new office space for ITA International LLC, a provider of integrated support services. Cosmo, Tayco’s versatile office panel system was chosen thanks to its incredible flexibility and industry-leading customization abilities.

The Solution

Low panel Cosmo stations supporting “L” shaped desks with a central table were placed throughout the space in pods of four to provide ample space and the right amount communal environment. Dogbone shaped Cosmo units were also used with central power poles offering a smaller footprint while maximizing the worksufrace areas.

Highlighting ITA International’s brand colour, the Glint-Caspian fabric panels was chosen, while the Pact-Dove fabric panel and Silver metal trims, allow your eye to flow from configuration to configuration. To continue the streamline motif, worksurfaces, desks and storage units were finished in Southwester and Silver Moon.

To tie it all together Millennium Sapphire seating fabric was used on both mobile pedestal cushions and Tayco’s J1 office chair.

The Result

Overall the new office space, completed with a variety of configurations is designed for maximum efficiency while offering a tailored aesthetic.