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Hancock Askew and Co. Case Study


The Challenge

Hancock Askew and Co. recently moved their Atlanta office to a new, larger space in order to accommodate their growing workforce. Looking to revamp their new environment and prepare it in time for a 2020 grand opening, Hancock Askew and Co. turned to Dealer Mitsch Design and Tayco for a modern solution.

The Solution

The project consisted of Switch and Up configurations for a total of 58 workstations, as well as 20 private offices featuring Scene. With the office featuring distinct auditing and tax departments, both Up and Switch were selected to accommodate the differing functions. For the auditing department which travels often, Up was a lighter, less storage focused solution. For the internally based tax department, the Switch system was chosen as it afforded a larger amount of privacy.

The Result

The office now features silver trim throughout, with Acacia laminate used in both the Switch stations and Scene private office spaces to create a sleek, refined atmosphere. Brand associated style has been added through a single pop of blue in the form of the pedestal cushion for the Up stations and a panel insert for Switch.

This modernized work space is a perfect example of how well the various Tayco lines can work together, and provide specialized features for various departments.