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Diana Food Case Study


The Challenge

Diana Food worked with Tayco Dealer G2 Enterprises to develop a sleek modern interior space for their new office. Six Scene private offices and 24 Cosmo stations were installed with a light colour scheme to provide a clean and minimalistic atmosphere.

The Solution

Each Cosmo station was outfitted with high panels, top mounted frosted glass and Height Adjustable tables. Maintaining the streamline motif, silver accessories were installed throughout. Credenza cushions in green add a pop of colour and highlight the Diana Food’s brand colours. To tie it all together Tayco’s signature J1 Task Chair with green cushions provide a sleek look without sacrificing comfort.

The Result

The new location offers a large open area with exterior windows allowing natural light to illuminate the interior space. To further enhance this, they chose white surfaces throughout. The monolithic colours were used in stations, boardrooms and private offices providing a seamless transition between spaces.

Overall, Cosmo and Scene provide a functional and high design environment.