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Take Your Work to New Heights!

Using Height Adjustable Tables to Create an Ergonomic Workplace

The human body is designed to be in motion, yet many current workplace furnishings are designed for sitting the entire day. This has led many workers to experience neck pain, backaches and postural problems. Enter the Height Adjustable Table, now a staple in ergonomic furniture design, which allows the user to easily switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. The Height Adjustable Table, including Tayco’s Volley table, is key to mitigating ergonomic issues, in turn offering happier and healthier employees.

Here’s Why You Need a Height Adjustable Table

Better Ergonomics Create a Healthy, Happy Working Environment

Have you ever walked through your office and noticed your coworkers sitting hunched over their computers, or heard them complaining about back and neck pain? Sitting all day, especially in a non-ergonomic setup can lead to muscle strain and fatigue. When employees can move from sitting to standing, they re-energize their bodies and improve blood flow to relieve tired muscles. Remember, a healthy employee is a happy employee. The Height Adjustable Table is a great step to providing a healthy and happy working environment.

Height adjustable table in office

It Can Improve Mental Clarity & Productivity

An uncomfortable work setup leads to muscle injury, which can truly consume the thoughts and affect the mood of the worker. When in pain, it can be hard to focus on anything else, especially the task at hand. A Height Adjustable Table, like the Volley, empowers the worker to be in control of their posture, helps to alleviate pain from sitting, which in turn will create a more productive team member.

Height adjustable table with Metro

Overall, it is Better for Business

247,620 of the one million work-related injuries reported in the United States in 2020 were related to musculoskeletal disorders, generally known as an ergonomic injury (NSC). The median of workdays lost for this disorder is 11 days. That is 11 days of lost productivity that could have been avoided. A Height adjustable table can help to reduce unnecessary costs and lost productivity by decreasing ergonomic injuries.

Man working on the adjustable desk

Use Volley on Your Next Project!

Tayco’s Volley Height Adjustable Table offers a heightened design aesthetic and unparalleled technological features including four memory presents, 3-stage telescopic legs and an individual motor for each leg. Volley integrates seamlessly with all of Tayco’s other product lines to allow you to easily turn any configuration into a height adjustable one! Offered with black, white and silver bases, and over 20 laminate worksurface colours to choose from, the Volley is sure to look great and make users feel great too!

Height adjustable table in Halifax private office

Want a quote or see how Volley can integrate into your furniture plans? Contact us now!