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The office dynamic is changing, and we are here for it! We understand that to have a space that can ensure productivity and employee satisfaction, there must be factors in the office furniture that provide personalization and practicality. This is why we want to introduce the Kubo Personal Towers.

Whether it is a personal office or an open workspace, the Kubo Personal Tower provides comfortability and convenience while also integrating seamlessly with any office environment. The Kubo Towers bring forth an innovative design, featuring removeable metal side panels allowing users to easily customize their configurations to meet their personal needs. The option to add either 2 or 3 adjustable shelves demonstrates that customizability. An additional coat or purse hook behind the shelves provides another unique detail to allow users to keep their personal belongings organized, allowing them to focus and prevent any clutter or distractions.

Why a personal tower and not your standard filing solution you may ask? This exclusive product is perfect for those areas where you want to save space. It’s sleek and discrete design allows you to keep all personal belongings in one place while not compromising space as some filing solutions can. The Kubo Personal Tower also allows for full customization even down to the shelving colour. This is a great way to add an element of design into a space that can normally be mundane.

The Kubo Personal Tower brings forth so many unique features. Customizability, organization, space saving and the list goes on. We are extremely proud of this new product as it is just another demonstration of innovation and high design in the workplace.