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Curated Colour Palettes Sure to Inspire!

We are excited to announce the launch of striking new mood boards and colour palettes inspired by nature. The 12 distinctive palettes, which demonstrate unique fabrics and finishes combinations, were created to highlight the newly expanded metal paint colour options available as part of our tile and frame system Cosmo. Available now, the palettes and coloured metal components are sure to provoke transformative inspiration for Dealers, Designers and End Users.

Cosmo joins our other product lines such as Halifax, Hanna, Kip, Koko and Norris, which have metal components available in all 20 colours, giving customers exceptional versatility when choosing a colour scheme. It is extremely rare to find a panel system that allows for personalization through a wide range of colours on its metal paint components and we are thrilled to be able to offer this to our Customers. Get inspired with the large array of colour options we have available right at your fingertips!

Looking for specific colours to use in your office? Colours are a great way to bring life and visual appeal to any space. They can evoke emotion, influence productivity or even spark creativity. The newly launched Cosmo colour palettes and mood boards are an essential tool to integrate our extensive metal paint colour offering. Combining metal, fabrics and laminate finish options, these palettes and mood boards serve as great idea starters for any upcoming project and ensure a complementary colour scheme across the whole furniture system. Tayco also has a wide range of upholstery options to fit perfectly with your colour palette selection.

Do you have an upcoming project? Are you looking for a palette Customized for your Customer? Our Commercial Space Designers are ready to work with you to pick the colours and configurations that will bring your vision to life! Contact your Commercial Space Designer and Regional Sales Manager today!

Take your project to the next level by downloading the colour palettes here. Check out all our metal paint colours on Cosmo with our new colour configurator here.