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Choosing the Right Reception Desk For Your Office

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, it’s important to remember that first impressions are everything. As soon as a potential client walks through the door, they’re forming opinions about your company—and these opinions can either make them want to work with you or leave them wondering why they should even bother.

Designing beautiful and welcoming reception areas is vital. When guests come into your office for the first time, their first impression will be based on what they see in the lobby and waiting areas. If those areas aren’t well-designed, then you could be losing out on new clients and employees before you even get started! A beautifully designed and sophisticated reception area, such as Tayco’s Aloha, Karibu, and Maeva can transform your office and leave a lasting positive impression.

Other added benefit to a great reception area is that it not only impresses visitors, but it creates an environment for employees to thrive. A good reception area will set the tone for how employees feel about their work environment. If the design of the first place they enter is appealing it is more likely that every employee will start their day on a positive note, feeling like they’re on board with the mission and work in a great environment.

Choosing the Right Reception Desk for Your Welcoming Area

Reception desks are an important part of any reception area. They provide the first impression for visitors, and they can be a key part of the first interaction between your business and its Customers.

Reception desks are also often where you’ll find your front-line workers. These are the people who greet clients, take messages, and schedule appointments, so it’s crucial that they have the tools they need to be successful at their jobs.

But how do you find the right reception desk for your workspace? We’ve identified a few tips that can help:

Aloha Waterfall Reception

Looking at the Right Material

First, let’s start with the most obvious feature: the desk itself. The surface should be sturdy and durable, but also able to withstand constant use. Your receptionist will be working at this desk every day and it is likely the space with the highest amount of traffic, so it must be able to withstand heavy use and still look good.

Consider what will go on top of the desk. You want to make sure that anything put on top of it doesn’t get damaged easily by water or other liquids or by regular wear and tear from pens and pencils or other items regularly used in an office environment.

We recommend desks made in TFL that will guarantee durability in the long term. Tayco’s receptions are all made of industry leading, durable TFL.

Not sure what material to use? Take a look at our article explaining the benefits of Thermally Fused Laminate.

Choosing A Comfortable Size  

Another important thing to consider when choosing a reception desk is the size of your space and the size your receptionist will need to do their job efficiently.

Choose a unit that fits comfortably in your room without taking away from other important features like windows or lounge furniture. In addition, you should also consider the space for people to walk through. There should be a minimum of 0.91 meters (3 feet) between the desk and any wall to allow for easy ingress and egress. If you need to make it wheelchair accessible, which we highly recommend, there  needs to be a 1.52 meters (5 feet) diameter space.

Maeva Reception

The Right Design

Your reception area is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your office, make sure it leaves an impression. It should be a statement of who your company and what it values.

If you’re looking to update your reception area, start by thinking about what message you want to send. Is your company innovative and creative? Traditional and elegant? Agile and modern? Whatever it is, make sure your reception area reflects it.

Aloha Tooney Typical Drawing

Aloha – Learn more about Aloha

Karibu Tooney Typical Drawing

Karibu – Learn more about Karibu

Maeva Tooney Typical Drawing

Maeva – Learn more about Maeva

Also remember that in reception areas, less is more. Trends turn quickly so look for furniture that achieves high comfort and multi-functionality.

Work Comfortably in Your Reception Desk

Your receptionist will have to perform different tasks in this area including phone calls, sending and receiving letters, organizing meetings, greeting people, and handling employee requests.

Work with your receptionists to discuss the functionality they require. Find out how much storage is required and how many monitors need to fit on the space. With so much going on and so many tasks to complete, this space needs to be well-organized and efficient.

Tayco’s Reception units offer a range of sizes to best suit your space and employee’s requirements.

Download the brochure with the available sizes now!

Overall, the reception desk is the first thing that visitors encounter upon entering your office. It reflects your business. Since this is the first place where clients and guests visit, and where employees start their day, make sure it sets the right tone.

Our newest range of reception offerings is designed with high-quality materials and high design features. We offer a solution for every style and required function.

Contact us now to find the best solution for you!