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9 Trending Interior Design Ideas for a Commercial Office Space

Tayco Switch Office Systems

Commercial office spaces need to be both attractive and functional for any office to get the most out of them. If you’re updating your offices: here are 9 interior design ideas to consider!

1. Vertical Storage That Blends In

Vertical storage is a must, giving your office the ability to quickly organize and look however you want it to. The right storage cabinet for office use is something that has enough height to store as much as you need while still looking incredibly attractive. Storage cabinets with drawers take this further while still looking great.

2. Multi-Use Meeting Rooms

Not every meeting room is created equally! If you have a room that needs to double as a meeting room and a general use room, it’s a good idea to get tables that can handle that swap. The Hanna tables by Tayco allow you to quickly rearrange your space to look like anything. Gliding easily on anything from carpet to the best polyurethane for floors your office could find: these tables can transform your office space in moments.

3. Flexible Desks for all Employees

Tayco Scene Office Benching Interior design

Not every employee works the same way. If you want to ensure your employees are happy, consider offering perks like the Volley Height-Adjustable table by Tayco! This encourages employees to work while standing if they need to and gives them the space and time to create the perfect office for themselves. Standing or sitting, based on what they want to do, can encourage employees to feel more confident in their work and keep their bodies and minds active. 

4. Additional Storage for Desks

Tayco Halifax Private Office Interior Design Idea

From overhead storage cabinets to benching office furniture that allows employees to store items under their desks: storage is necessary. Employees need somewhere to store their paperwork, personal items that they need on hand, and anything else so that their desks stay as uncluttered as possible. 

A cluttered desk is a quick way to kill productivity and leave your employees feeling overwhelmed, especially if they’re bench desking and stuck near someone who’s not as tidy as they are. Give them storage, and help them keep the office clear of mess.

5. Lockers That can Handle Life

If you want to keep lockers for your employees, they need to be able to handle anything that’s thrown at them. From having enough space to fit belongings to being waterproof in case someone’s lunch leaks, laminate lockers are a great solution. These safely store employees’ items, giving them somewhere to set their phones so they’re not at their desks and looking great in the dozens of different finishes and colors that are available. The same idea works great for multi-unit mailboxes if you want to ensure they’re safe and easy to use for the whole office.

6. Offices That Feel Private in Open Spaces

Tayco Volley Height Adjustable Tables

Not everyone can have a private office: so it’s important to build a space that feels private. You can do this by using office panel systems that divide a space and absorb sound. This ensures you can still have your offices in a large open room, but also that everyone has their own distraction-free spaces to work. When combined with a storage cabinet for office use in each area, your employees will get to keep their materials at hand and feel like they have their own office.

7. Private Offices That Breathe Productivity

Offices that have their own walls and doors should still be as productive as possible! From storage cabinets with drawers to noise dampening and historic storm windows that can keep out sound and temperature fluctuations, these need to be spaces that allow people within them to focus on the task at hand. Styles like the Metro private office by Tayco offer this clean feeling while still leaving enough room for the employee to decorate or make it their own.

8. Filing Cabinets That Do More

Filing cabinets aren’t usually seen as a perk of any office since they’re generally just storage: but they need to be as efficient as possible to really shine. A well-organized office is one that’s going to get the best work done. This means having a filing cabinet divider to keep information separate, and that looks great with other case goods office furniture you have: while still locking and keeping information safe. Although private offices are also a great way to keep information safe, combination storage is still needed in more common areas.

9. Seating That’s Comfortable and Efficient

Tayco M1 Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable seating is a must for every office, but you can take it further than that. Seating that can handle every employee’s needs, like the M1 chair from Tayco, gives your employees the chance to stretch and find exactly how they want to sit in their chairs. They’re also incredibly attractive, with multiple colors and finishes that make them look great in any workspace. These work well with bench desking, encouraging employees to still feel like they have their own space and comforts.

There’s Nothing as Good as an Efficient Office

If you want your office space to feel as comfortable and work-worthy as possible, it’s time to make some changes! Consider some of these interior design ideas in your office’s future!

Natalie Akins is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. She is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.