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Automotive Parts Manufacturer Case Study


The Challenge

Expanding their current location in the Greater Toronto Area, a large automotive parts manufacturer, teamed up with Tayco Dealer Transitions to design a large open concept office space.

The Solution

The expanded interior space offers a large uninterrupted area allowing for 48 Scene workstations, installed into two symmetrical layouts with a central corridor.

The Scene benching system was an ideal choice for this project due to a need for a large work-surface area and a small footprint for each station.

Every station features an “L” shaped Height Adjustable Desk finished in silver laminate and matching trims accommodating a screen system. The screen features variety of tiles, including white accessory rails with Sky Blue metal accessories, and Fjord fabric tiles highlighting the manufacturer’s brand colour. Taking advantage of the atmospheric ambience created by ceiling skylights, a Frosted acrylic tile was added to each screen allowing natural light to flow through.

The Result

Each station is accompanied with a large cabinet and pedestal, finished in white with silver trim providing ample storage options to fit individual requirements.

To tie it all together Perseus Pebble seating fabric was used on both mobile pedestal cushions and Tayco’s J1 office chair.

Overall the office showcases a very functional and efficient environment.