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Innisfil Hydro Case Study


The Challenge

To prepare for future growth Innisfil Hydro moved to a new larger location to consolidate buildings and maximize efficiencies. The were also in search of modern office furniture from Tayco.

The Solution

At 42,000 sq/ft on 6.5 acre lot, their building is LEED certified. All lighting is LED and there are future plans in place to implement 50kW of roof top solar power in 2016. Stunning 2nd floor atrium ceiling, Douglas fir beams and spruce decking complete the space, it is simply beautiful.

Presently housing a team of 80 staff members, there are two existing tenant spaces that will be re-claimed once future growth occurs and there is a need for expansion.

The Result

Our Cosmo office panel system with storage was used to define the open space. 53″ & 69″ panel heights allowed natural light to flow throughout the space while still providing enough privacy to conduct business activities.