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Source Office Furniture & Systems Ltd., joined forces with Tayco to develop an ideal workspace for DUCA Credit Union Ltd. The Switch panel system was chosen to meet the needs for a multitude of configurations to best suit each department.

The 200+ stations were designed with a combination of U groups and L stations. The versatile configurations provides visual interest and ample storage options to fit individual requirements.

Each station was outfitted with Steel Grey fabric panels which seamlessly blends in with the Charcoal metal trim and raceway. The Height Adjustable Tables and storage towers were finished in Fogo Harbour laminate with Silver grommets and handles providing a subtle contrast. To finish each station, panel mounted Frosted Glass was added for extra privacy, while allowing plenty of natural light to flow through.

Finally to add a bright pop of colour to the whole install, mobile pedestals were finished in Summer Drop with bright orange Passion, Kinect seating fabric.

The versatility of Switch system has proven time and time again that its multitude of configurations will work with your needs, whether it be for privacy or open planning.