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The Challenge:

CHG Meridian, a technology management company located in Mississauga, Ontario, embarked on the challenge of creating a dedicated office space to accommodate their expanding Team. The transition from remote work to a physical workspace posed the need for meticulous planning and design. The Client sought an environment that seamlessly combined professionalism, style, and comfort for their employees. The project required the provision of individual workstations and the creation of collaborative areas to facilitate both formal and informal meetings, lunches, and discussions. To address these challenges, Tayco collaborated with the expertise of Dealer Partner Harkel and LT Projects and Design, ensuring that the furniture solutions met the Client’s specific vision and requirements.

The Solution:

The solution entailed the design of an open space featuring six Scene working stations with combo credenzas to provide ample storage space, resulting in a flexible and efficient work environment. Furthermore, two Scene private offices were equipped with combo credenzas, storage cabinets, and lateral filing solutions. An additional Halifax office was furnished with a spacious 42” A Leg Halifax table, serving as a dedicated area for focused work or meetings. The furniture finishes selected for these spaces included the elegant Fogo Harbour laminate and sleek white metal.

The project also included well-designed collaboration areas, with careful attention to detail. The conference room featured a sophisticated 48” Metro boardroom table finished in Tuxedo laminate and accented with black metal paint colour. This choice added a touch of elegance and professionalism to formal meetings. To cater to informal gatherings and discussions, a versatile 42” Kip standing-height community table with a tuxedo laminate finish and white metal was thoughtfully provided. This table created a welcoming and adaptable space that facilitated productive and comfortable interactions among Team members.

The Result:

The collaboration between CHG Meridian, Tayco, Harkel, and LT Projects and Design resulted in a successful project. The Client expressed extreme satisfaction with the final product, highlighting its functionality, quality, comfort, and aesthetics. The furniture played a significant role in achieving the desired atmosphere of professionalism and style while ensuring the comfort and productivity of the Team. This was the Client’s first time working with Tayco and the furniture solutions exceeded expectations.