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The Challenge

Aubainerie, a leading retail clothing company in Canada, embarked on a significant office relocation project with the goal of consolidating their operations into a single building. Previously scattered across multiple locations, Aubainerie recognized the opportunity to create a unified workspace for all their employees.

They were looking for a furniture solution that would not only meet their stringent ergonomic and durability requirements but also adhere to a demanding timeframe. To address these challenges, Aubainerie partnered with Tayco, in collaboration with their trusted Dealer, Burovision. Leveraging their combined expertise and resources, Tayco and Burovision closely collaborated with Aubainerie throughout the project, providing valuable guidance and delivering a tailored furniture solution that perfectly aligned with the Client’s vision.


The Solution

Switch was selected for the installation, which involved setting up a total of 166 L-shape workstations, 100 benching stations, and 31 private offices. The workstations were designed with Steel Grey fabric panels and a Charcoal paint color scheme, while the gallery panels featured the elegant Moonlight finish. To elevate the overall aesthetic, white surfaces and Fogo Harbour laminate were chosen for storage units, complemented with Horizon White handles for storage. For private offices, black metal accent color was chosen to create a striking contrast. By carefully selecting these finishes and configurations, Tayco ensured that Aubainerie’s office space achieved a cohesive and visually appealing environment that met their specific requirements.


The Result

The final result of the installation at Aubainerie’s office space can be described as nothing short of fantastic. Taking into account the Client’s specific requirements, such as the desire to provide ergonomic and durable furniture to its employees, the project was successfully executed with precision and efficiency. Despite the time constraint of having only one week to respond to the call for tenders and the urgent need for prompt furniture delivery, Tayco and Burovision rose to the challenge and delivered exceptional results. With a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and timely execution, Tayco and Burovision successfully met Aubainerie’s goals, ensuring a workspace that not only met their specific requirements but also exceeded expectations.