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Ameris Bank is an Atlanta, Georgia based banking company breaking convention to exceed customer expectations across the United States. Being the bold and progressive company they are, and with the help of both CFC Group and Tayco’s very own Shawn Auger, they opted for the Switch line to ensure a bright and comfortable workspace that is also equally as stylish. Ameris Bank had 244 Switch stations installed and chose to feature a mixture of Southwester and Fogo Harbour laminate with a silver trim, making it appeal to everyone in the office. This design choice lends for a clean modern look with a traditional spin to enhance the already amazing natural light and window space they currently hold.


Although the project is primarily Switch, it is sprinkled with some amazing Scene storage. Multiple storage options featuring carefully considered details provide the optimal user experience in this workspace. The Scene storage includes a low combo credenza, and a custom 12”W wardrobe tower, featuring the standard Scene metal foot detailing.

The stations are powered at the panel base and also include a clamp mounted power module on the height adjustable surface, making power easily accessible to the user. The Switch fabric panels used in this project are 50”H, and include a 8”H clear tempered glass panel top mounted screen, along with 50”H laminate gallery panels for the wings in a beautiful vertical wood grain.


With a very open plan for the floor, Switch was the perfect choice to ensure a workspace that had space and room to breathe while still being personal and workplace efficient. The installation gave Ameris Bank the perfect design-forward solution for their office space and it was amazing to work with them!