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AKZ Capital Case  Study


The Challenge

Tayco Dealer Tri Furniture was tasked with designing a new and innovative office space featuring 75 stations for AKZ Capital, an Investment and Portfolio Management company. Tayco’s versatile office panel system Cosmo was selected to achieve the modern look of this space. Cosmo is Tayco’s 3” thick panel system that boasts incredible flexibility and industry-leading customization abilities.

The Solution

The design mainly consists of 6-packs of 6’-6” x 6’-6” L-shaped stations surrounded by 53”H panels with 8’H tempered glass panel mounted screens. This provides an open office design for collaboration with co-workers but still provides ample amount of privacy for individual work. With laminate tiles selected as the panel finish, this provides a seamless look using our fan favourite Silver Moon laminate (mid-tone grey with slight texture look).

This space also features 2 closed office configurations. The first, mimicking the look of the 6’-6”x6’-6” stations but with 69”H panels with integrated acrylic tiles and acrylic sliding door for even more privacy while still providing visual connectivity.

The second features 85”H panels, also with integrated acrylic tiles, and solid swing doors for privacy. These closed office configurations also feature a 42” wide panel with all acrylic tiles to act as a sidelight for a visual connection between co-workers. These desks feature a more open concept design from our Scene line. The main D-shape surface is facing out with an angled leg and acrylic modesty for meetings with co-workers and/or clients. There is also additional storage of mobile peds with cushions to double as extra seating.

Lastly, we provided smaller 5’0” wide straight stations in a secondary location in the office near the warehouse for the optimum amount of stations in the space, with the same look and features as the L-shaped stations.

The Result

All workstations and closed office configurations feature a unique flip-up beltline power detail for easy and accessible power and data at surface height. Tayco additionally provided surface pop-up power and USB.

All finishes selected provide a high-end look and feel to the office. All surfaces and drawers feature Fogo Harbour laminate – a white blonde woodgrain. The black panel trim, grommets, and handles provide a sleek high-end contrast to the whole look. To provide the right amount of vibrancy to the space, AZK selected a custom fabric which was used on both mobile pedestal cushions and the beltline power panels, also highlighting AKZ Capital’s iconic branding.

Although there are 4 different configurations in this project, Cosmo’s innovative design allows each work area to flow seamlessly from station to station, creating a flawless look. Overall, the new office space, completed with a variety of configurations, is designed for maximum efficiency while offering a tailored and on-trend aesthetic.

Tayco would like to thank Tri Furniture and AKZ Capital for an excellent collaboration team to achieve this stunning office with maximum collaborative and private capabilities using our sought-after Cosmo Panel System.