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When it comes to designing an office space that fosters productivity and well-being, understanding the psychology of storage is key. Even though every company is different, smart storage solutions can bring the overall morale, work ethic and performance to another level. All these things will directly correlate to increased company success, which makes purchasing storage a no-brainer.

Improving Stress and Anxiety

Keeping your office environment clutter-free can be one of the most important factors for both employers and employees. Reduced stress can promote an improvement in the quality of work and boost company morale. These two factors can make or break a Team, and this is why employers take it very seriously.

Utilizing storage solutions in the office, regardless of their capacity, can lead to improved organization, enabling the brain to concentrate better on the task at hand. A messy office can cause someone to feel anxious and trigger their brain into a state of fight or flight state.  It may begin with scattered papers and mess, but it can quickly escalate to high stress about the amount of work that needs to be done. Additions like the a paper sorter, mobile pedestal from Tayco or a Kubo Personal Tower, can be the perfect way to discreetly organize your belongings and remove extra stressors.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Decluttering can improve one’s mental clarity allowing the employee to fully focus on their work. When minimalizing distractions in one’s workspace, it can streamline one’s mindset to focus on their tasks and not everything else in their environment. When able to concentrate, this can allow for an increase in productivity and quality of work.

Its important to have storage that’s not only going to hide your clutter, but also be a functional space to access any work aids quickly and efficiently. With the use of our Laterals with Files configuration, this storage solution allows for quick and organized access to any resources quickly. This way they can work more efficiently to get the work completed. This will allow the worker to accomplish more tasks that can either directly or indirectly lead to increased profitability. This why it can be economically beneficial to invest in a good storage solution that will increase this cognitive performance.

Setting a Tone Using Design

When looking at storage and how it can create a peaceful and positive workspace, we cannot forget to mention design and customization. Both factors in combination can not only create an aesthetic design but can allow the worker to be impact emotionally. An example of this can be seen using colour theory. Using laminates and panel fabrics that are cool toned can allow one to feel relaxed at work, while using pops of colour can boost mood and increase energy.

When people associate a positive emotion with a space, it can reinforce their desire to be there. This is important especially after the pandemic when we want to encourage employees to return to work. If you design a space that emits calm and or positive energy, you will see an increase in employee satisfaction and work ethic.

 For the reasons of decreased stress, increased performance, and employee positivity, this proves that the use of functional office storage would only be the smartest venture. As an employer all these factors can promote success within the company, and it is extremely important to consider this when designing your office space.