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Prominent Energy Company Case Study


The Challenge

When moving to a newly renovated location, a large energy company decided to furnish their new workspace entirely in Tayco office furniture. With a customized blend of Scene, Cosmo, Metro and One Touch office tables, Tayco installed over 390 stations and private offices in the open concept space.

The Solution

The 96 Scene benching stations were finished in white laminate with contrasting red accent cushions. The benching system promotes collaboration, while still providing an element of privacy. Credenzas with cushions double as storage and smartly accommodate quick meeting spots.

The Scene benching system flows seamlessly with into over 290 stations of Tayco’s Cosmo office panel system. The systems, configured in “U” groups, provide acoustical panels for both sound absorption and privacy. Interior panels were upholstered in Universe Mica, while exterior panels offer contrast in Southwester. Worksurfaces and pedestals were finished in Fogo Harbour laminate.

The Result

This striking installation was designed, manufactured and installed by Tayco in collaboration with Harkel Office and Shields & Associates. This large job is a great example of how multiple Tayco products can fit together in one space, offering configurations to meet the differing needs of individual employees.